On my way to intermittent fasting

All my life, I ate three to four meals a day, not eating breakfast was a sacrilege, and the after-school snack was the best part of the day. I never though it could be wrong or better for my body to do something else, I have been educated that way and even now when I talk about intermittent fasting and not eating breakfast people reactions are quite extreme as if I was saying something like water is not important to live. I started to learn on the subject while I was looking for information about sugar, and when I stopped eating sugar, I was fasting without thinking about it because I wasn’t so much hungry, so it happens that I skipped breakfast or dinner or both. At the same time, I change a bit my way of eating, much more vegetables and less carbohydrates. I wanted to eat better and in better conditions, with less stress, without watching videos or doing something else at the same time. I saw a lot of videos and read articles about other way of eating that the traditional rice/pasta/potatoes (but this is going to be another article) and also a lot about intermittent fasting.

The first thing that really catch my curiosity about it was eating less and be able to save money or spend that money into really good healthy food. But, ok, intermittent fasting doesn’t mean at all eating less, but eating in a shorter period of time. And that fact is quite interesting because it means that you can save some productive time, when you are not eating or even thinking about cooking and at what time you are going to eat. Because apparently, when you are fasting long period of the day, the hunger become not so much important after a while. Another things that I find quite interesting is that fasting during the day allows you to be more focus (because your gut is not working all the time), your brain is creating new neurones and your body produce growth hormones allowing better learning and your body is using the bad fats to function and creating ketosis that is better for the brain than glucose. This is also a good way to simplify life and having to cook less time during the day, avoid extra dirty dishes to clean and really enjoying the meal because of true hunger.

I am already not eating breakfast because I don’t have the need anymore and almost not carbohydrates. And what I found out was that I am really productive in the morning, but as soon as I eat my lunch, I am very sleepy and I almost can’t stop eating until dinner. As I saw some people talking about their way of eating only dinner, I want to try this out and I am starting today. My dinner is going to be on a three to four hours period, divided in two parts with one hour break in between and quite early at the beginning (4pm) and then move it back of one hour per day. I will drink a lot of water and tea during the day and be outside of my place to avoid any temptation of cheating and focus on something else than food. For the dinner I am going to use chronometer.com to control how much I eat. I will keep updating this article during the next week, to explain how I feel, what I am eating, at what time, how much, etc. This is an experiment, not a diet but a change of life. I will try to keep it but if something bad happens I will just stop and come back to something more ‘normal’. Oh and my diet is close to the paleo diet, with maybe less meat and fish, and more sugary fruits than allowed.

Day 1: Not hungry this morning – walk of 35min – tea with coconut oil – 11:34 start feeling hungry – Real hunger start around 2pm, but it feels ok until I get home at 4pm. Eating at 4:30pm, one hour eating, one hour break and half an hour eating (because of social obligations). I was outside for three hours and had a glass of wine (didn’t expected) and then I felt hungry so I snacked around 11:30pm. And go to bed.

Day 2: Not hungry in the morning – tea with coconut oil – 12 start feeling hungry – real hunger around 1pm. I have the impression that the most I wait, the most my hunger disappear or I get used to and it is more easy to stay focus on a book. Eating at 6pm (one hour cooking) for half an hour. Break of another half hour, eating until 8:30pm

Day 3: Not hungry in the morning – walk of 30min but felt weak – tea with coconut oil – weak all morning, stayed home – at 2pm go outside good reading, not so hungry even before eating around 5:30pm. Went on a long walk of one hour from 4pm. Surprised how well I felt during the walk. 5:30pm to 7pm eating, have 6 drinks at bar and exhibitions until 1am.

Day 4: Not hungry in the morning – tea with coconut oil – little hang over and bus sickness (really old bus on swallowing roads). Not hungry until 5pm. Start eating 6pm until 9pm. Get some drink until midnight.

Day 5: Not hungry in the morning – tea with coconut oil – better focus and concentration (reading of 3 chapters of my book, whereas only 1 normally) – I felt great not so hungry even at 7pm when I started to eat. Break at 8pm of half an hour, end at 10:30pm.

Day 6: Not hungry in the morning – tea with coconut oil – went on a long walk in the mountain and I didn’t feel weak at all, moreover this energy I had was kind of coming from my body and not my food. It was a really good energy pushing me rather than giving me hungry. After it quite tired but not food tired. Ate first part at 6pm because of a lecture at 7pm.

It has been more than one month I am doing intermittent fasting: a review
It is going really well, now I can fast 24hours if I need it, I am not hungry all the time and the smell of other food is not disturbing me.
But, I still have to control what kind of food I am eating and what it does to me as I am not following exactly a kind of diet, but I am interested in several. (I will experiment the vegan, the raw food, the paleo and the ketosis diet when I will be back in Norway)
For now, I noticed that rice, bread and pastas (all wheat I assume) make me feel bad and sleepy during lunch time the day after eating it. Refined sugar is totally prohibited now (or allowed in really small amounts) because it gives me fucking headaches and make me really sad (Complete brown sugar, honey and other stuff are ok, but I prefer whole fruits). I am really careful with proteins, because during some days I didn’t eat any and I was feeling weak. Nuts are also really important and I noticed that when I need an almond, it tastes amazing and when I don’t need it, there was no taste at all, the same for coconut oil and for cacao powder. From today, I will note everything I eat everyday, and record how I feel (the energy you get comes from the food you ate yesterday).
I realized the importance people give to eating together, and how someone eating in front of you can get you hungry. When I am with my family or my friends, I decided to eat two meals a day. On short period, it is ok, but after few days it becomes annoying, because, I know that I am going to feel sleepy after eating.

After almost one year, what happened?
I stopped. Or almost. There are several reasons for that. The first one was that I made to many changes for my body at the same time and radically: I started intermittent fasting, I stopped to take my pill, I started to eat raw food. And it completely stressed out my body. Women are reacting really differently than men on this and the starvation mode is disturbing their hormones. I loose my periods, really comfortable for the first month but after a while, it just doesn’t feel right. I loose a lot of weight as well and I felt great for some time. But when school started again, I changed my eating habits and was eating mostly fruits and at some point I was felling bad, low energy. This year is really important for me as it is my last year master and I really need energy. I decided to restart eating at least twice a day and that’s what I am currently doing now. I am fasting minimum 12 hours a day. I also changed what I eat, because I do not take B12 supplement and I just assume that it is what I miss. So I went through a short period of veganism (to see how I was feeling) and now I eating 3 days vegan (but without legumes or fruits) and 4 days paleo (with fish), with one meal raw. I stopped eating fruits because I got addicted to it. But now I am kinda addicted to almonds, sunflower seeds and peanut butter (I know that this one is really bad for my health). I am much more hungry than before, and I related food to stress. But I don’t really have time those days to take care of myself.
So what is next? Am I going to retry it or not?
The answer is maybe. I want to get use to my way of eating because it is still going to change, I do not know how, if I got into raw veganism one more time or if I just want to experiment and cook super good food whatever it is. I ll get some B12 supplements as soon as possible to be safe whatever I will eat and to reduce my (cheap) fish intake. And maybe then I will try to reduce my eating frame to 8 hours first, get used to that and see what happens. Basically, I will take it much more easy. Oh, and I have to drink a lot more. I loose the habit: before I got a glass bottle and it opened in my backpack with my computer, so I just stopped taking it, stopped drinking water = eating more. I have to find a solution for that.

If you want to read and watch video about it, here are some links:
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And I am sure you will find many other references on youtube and google


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